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Learn more about my music

When you want to listen to my music

I distribute albums of my original piano music on various music distribution services. Spotify, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, etc.
I also have music channel on YouTube. There are music videos great for healing, meditation, sleep, studying, works, deep focus. All of music in the channel is played or written by me.

When you want to use my music

As background music that can be used for commercial purposes, my music is used by many people from companies to individuals for various purposes.
Examples: news, documentary programs, advertisements, films, radio, educational, travel videos, YouTube videos, ceremonies, video games, family memories movies, letters, etc.

You can purchase my Royalty-free music on Pond5. Mainly piano solo music, there are also acoustic, post-classical, ambient, and pop music.

You can download my Royalty-free music from DOVA-SYNDROME and Pixabay at no charge.

If you want to play my piano music

Recently, I've been asked by users of my music that they want to play the piano music I made. Little by little, I am writing music sheet. I would like to complete the sheet music for more my piano pieces.
You can purchase the sheet music on BOOTH.

I'm sorry but I haven't received any writing music job offers. Because I want my music available to more people as possible, not only limited people.
Music is a wonderful arts that allows me to learn deeply.I will try to write music that can be helpful to many people.

About me

Hello, I'm Noru. I really love to compose music and play the piano. Many people enjoying to listen and use my music. That is my great pleasure.
I will always seek music that represents beautiful harmonies in this world.

※I also have the names Marunouchi Noi and HarumachiMusic. Both are me :)

HARUMACHI Works...My website. It's here.
NORU Music...Database of my music.。Not all music has been registered yet...phew
NOI LAB...My choral works

Twitter...murmur.Thank you for following my account.

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