About Me and Music

The Music of the Spheres.

For someone like me who was preoccupied with the superficial expressiveness and technical skills of music, encountering this phrase was a revelation. Since then, I have constantly dreamed about what kind of music the ancient Greeks pursued as "the music of the spheres." Planets and stars, those enormous celestial bodies, moving through the universe while playing in HARMONY. How romantic is that! Even now, I get excited when I think about it.

At the same time, I have come to admire the ancient Greek philosophers who deepened their understanding of music not only as an art and craft but also as a scholarly discipline, and the Western music history that has inherited their thoughts and studies. Though I am but a tiny and obscure being, I, too, wish to explore music deeply, not only as an art but also as a study, thought, and philosophy, just like the great pioneers. From this desire, I have named this website "Music Exploration Workshop."

Seeking music that represents the harmony of this world—I will continue to create music today and tomorrow.

The first time I composed an original piece was when I was about 22 years old. During my student days, I was a member of the university choir, spending my days deeply immersed in music by accompanying as a pianist and arranging pop songs for concerts. It was an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling time. As an extension of that, I suddenly wanted to try writing my own song, so I wrote the lyrics and music for a mixed choral suite.

A mixed choir piece consists of four voice parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. This is known as a four-part harmony, which forms the basis of "harmony," a fundamental element of Western music. At the time, I was also deeply influenced by the Franco-Flemish school and was captivated by polyphonic music.

The four voice parts play different melodies horizontally, yet the vertical axis of the chords also resonates beautifully. I found four-part harmony fascinating and realized the depth of polyphony and counterpoint. With these thoughts in mind, I completed 11 choral pieces over the course of about ten years. This was my first experience with composing music.

Currently, I spend my days immersed in nature in the beautiful mountains of Nagano or caring for medaka fish in an old, rural town in south of Osaka while dedicating myself to making music. Thanks to the support of my users, I am now able to make a living solely from music. Although my life is modest, I enjoy my composing activities and my daily life, and I will continue to do my best.

I aim to create music that is both user-friendly as BGM and beautiful as a standalone musical piece.

I am completely useless at anything other than music, and I always compared myself to others and felt depressed and wanted to disappear. I am here now because of music. The piano, and only music, were my strength, life and flame.

I am truly grateful to the deity of music. If the music I create can be of use to various people, it would surely be a way to repay the deity of music. I hope that is the case. With such thoughts in mind, I create music. I never forget my deep curiosity, academic interest, and gratitude towards everyone. Thank you all very much. I will continue to pursue my musical path.

Let me share a little about my preferences. Titles omitted:
Music: I love Renaissance music (to put it simply, music from about 200 years before Bach). Especially Heinrich Isaac, who is my spiritual mentor. My first encounter with Isaac was through the Tallis Scholars' CD "Missa De Apostolis." I also like John Tavener and Orlando di Lasso.
Apart from the Renaissance, I especially love Debussy and Prokofiev. Then Beethoven and Mozart. I enjoy playing Brahms. Recently, I like listening to Chopin.
Domestically, I admire Reijiro Koroku, Joe Hisaishi, and Yoko Kanno.

Pianists: Maurizio Pollini.
Art: Overwhelmingly Alfred Sisley. I wish there would be an exhibition focusing on Sisley in Japan... but maybe that's impossible lol
I generally like the Impressionists. Also Vincent van Gogh, Tohaku Hasegawa, and Shihou Sakakibara. Recently, I've been interested in Isson Tanaka.
Food: Pancakes, cream bread, prosciutto, coffee, and tea. I love caffeine.


I've decided to go far away
To a place where no one can see me
Far away