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Welcome to Music Exploration Workshop, HARUMACHI Works.
This is the website of Noru, a creator of music.


About Me and Music

During my student days, I encountered a phrase in a book I read: "Music of the Spheres," an ancient Greek musical concept. Pythagoras, famous as a mathematician, was also a researcher of music. He knew that there were beautiful numerical ratios behind harmonious sounds. He believed that "the stars of the universe, which move in harmony, create music that resonates and plays even if it is inaudible to the human ear." This is "The Music of the Spheres."



Feeling the gentle breeze

The Harmonia of Earthly Deities

dinner just the two of us

Music Works

I have a lot of instrumental music available on various websites that you can use as background music.

Update Information

2024.07.16Full website renovation

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Free BGM

Exclusive BGM available for download only from this site.


Many people enjoy listening to my music. Currently, my music is available on major music distribution services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. I hope my music will become a companion in your life, whether you are reading, doing housework, relaxing, working, or studying.


The day had come
When I was free to wander alone into
The wilderness I had desired
All the mornings and all the nights
Become petals of flowers
Bloom at the window of my memories

Choral Works

These are the works that are the origin of my composing activities. Extracting the voices that resonated in my heart and transcribing them into sheet music—creating both the poetry and the songs was a challenging yet enjoyable task. I still remember the joy I felt when the sheet music was completed after ten years.

When I feel lost in my thoughts or don't feel like touching the piano anymore, I remember these songs. Then, I open the scores and look at the poetry and melodies. Doing so helps me regain my original passion, my starting point, my flame.
The answer to the question, "Why do I DO MUSIC?" is always here.

These works have never been performed. It may seem ridiculous to you that I cherish these obscure songs so much. But that's okay. Someday, someone might sing them. The music that only I could hear in my head might one day be heard outside. With such a small dream in mind, continuing to create new music isn't so bad.

All of these choral pieces are written in Japanese. There aren't any English translations yet, but I plan to add them in the future.