Music Works

Starting with Simple Piano Solos.

My journey into instrumental production began with the desire to connect my computer to an electronic piano and record my own music. When I first started, I struggled with basic issues like getting sound from the computer and properly mixing tracks. But as I started to use DAWs little by little, I found great joy in turning the melodies and rhythms my fingers created into music through the computer.

The reason I pursue music is singular: the "exploration of Musica universalis/humana." However, if the music born from this free-spirited exploration could be of help to someone, nothing would make me happier.

I will continue to explore music. Simultaneously, it is my ambition to serve the greater good through music. Out of a desire to share as many songs as possible with a wide audience, I generally do not accept individual requests. I hope my music can be of some help in your wonderful creative endeavors and daily life.

May your tomorrow be gentle and easy.

To create works that can be easily used as background music,
That are user-friendly.
To create works that are beautiful as music.



—It might be a forgotten past.
Or perhaps, remnants of lost tenderness.



Music overflows.



For the sake of a single goodbye.


Playing with notes on the staff.

I also shared some of my DOVA-SYNDROME's tracks on Niconi Commons, but due to the current situationicon, as you all know, I have removed all links related to Niconi Commons. If Niconi Commons is ever revived, I'd like to provide a link again.