He is no longer here.
Standing alone in the field, looking down at the vast blue sea where fine white waves play in rows.The wind blowing through the field makes the colorful flowers sway.

His song is no longer here.

The wind blowing in from the sea lifts all of tomorrow's loneliness. The flowers and grass sing proudly. On this vibrant cape full of light, I could see the path of the wind in the tide of thoughts left behind.

Piano Solo

  • My Favorite Furniture 1 -soothing music for the good night's sleep-
  • My Favorite Furniture 2 -meditation Piano Music-
  • My Favorite Furniture 3 -relaxation Piano Music-
  • Far Away -relaxing Piano Music-
  • Midnight Piano Lab
  • Relaxing Piano Music -the Blue Sky-
  • Music Love Letters -piano in Love-
  • Blue Valley
  • Musical Motif Of Oblivion
  • Vacant
  • lonely planet
  • Musica of Zodiac Signs
  • Faded Letter
  • My Travel Log
  • Journey of a Certain Dream
  • Sakura Sakura -Thousands Years Storytellers-
  • Catch me before the star falls


  • blockage land
  • across the world
  • Relaxing Time
  • Bright Tempo Music For Walking
  • at the farthest land
  • Natural
  • The Forgotten Knight
  • Dark Walkers
  • Guitar Time
  • Red Book of Lethe
  • HarumachiMusic Works1
  • HarumachiMusic Works2
  • HarumachiMusic Works3
  • HarumachiMusic Works4
  • HarumachiMusic Works5

Many of Noru's tracks are also featured on Audiostock compilation albumsicon. Here are some of the popular tracks.