Terms of Use


These Terms of Use apply to the music (hereafter referred to as "Noru's Free BGM") that I, "Noru," publish and distribute on this website, "HARUMACHI Works."
These terms do not apply to music that I publish on external websites or other services (such as Audiostock, DOVA-SYNDROME, etc.). Please be aware of this.

Examples of Permissible Use

Noru's Free BGM can be used as background music for various works, both commercial (for profit) and non-commercial. There is no usage fee, and crediting is not mandatory.

Examples: TV dramas, documentaries, movies, explanatory videos, landscape footage, company introductions, corporate VP, family memory movies, how-to videos, theater, YouTube videos, personal enjoyment, cafe background music

Minor modifications, such as adjusting volume, fading in/out, or cutting only the necessary parts, are allowed when using Noru's Free BGM.

You can also use it in YouTube videos, but you cannot monetize those videos. For more details, please see the section "Regarding Use in YouTube Videos" below.


Noru's Free BGM is NOT "copyright-free," "no copyright", "public domain," "CC0," or "Creative Commons."
All rights to the music and related matters are retained by me, "Noru."

Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited concerning Noru's Free BGM:

· Actions considered copyright infringement, such as falsely claiming to be the composer.
· Redistributing or selling Noru's Free BGM without permission on sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc., or registering it with Content ID or other fingerprinting services.
· Changing the tempo or pitch of the music or making extreme modifications that alter the original form of the music.
· Using Noru's Free BGM as a sample to create new music by overlaying it with other tracks.
· Using the music in videos or channels where the music is the primary content, such as "music videos for studying," "relaxing music channels," "meditation music videos," or any content aimed at letting viewers listen to the music.
· Using the music in any works, media, or apps where the music is the "main" element rather than "background."

Regarding Use in YouTube Videos

In summary:
· A "Copyright Claim" will appear, but don't be surprised!
· Videos using Noru's Free BGM cannot be monetized.
· Those who do not monetize their channels can use the music without any problems.

Noru's Free BGM can be used as background music in YouTube videos, but you cannot monetize those videos. If you have a YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers and monetization enabled and you need to monetize your videos, I recommend using the music I publish on DOVA-SYNDROME or Audiostock, Pond5.

If you do not monetize your YouTube channel (not participating in the YouTube Partner Program) or if you don't mind not monetizing a particular video, feel free to use the music.

Noru's Free BGM is managed and protected with Content ID by Identifyy (HAAWK Inc.). Therefore, if you use it as BGM in your videos, a "Copyright Claim" or "Content ID Claim" might appear. This is NOT a "Copyright Strike" or "Copyright Infringement Warning." It indicates that the Content ID system is functioning correctly (protecting the music) and you do not need to take any action.
Additionally, Identifyy (HAAWK Inc.) and I will NOT issue "Copyright Strikes" or delete your videos or channels.

(Although Identifyy (HAAWK Inc.) will never delete videos or channels or ban accounts, repeatedly filing unnecessary disputes might be seen as spam by YouTube, potentially leading to a ban—an urban legend I have occasionally come across, so please be careful...)


I, "Noru," and this website bear no responsibility for any trouble or damage that may occur from using Noru's Free BGM.

These terms of use may be revised or added to without notice, considering accuracy and clarity.